Awhile back i picked up a 89 sedan for cheap kinda didn't run all that great when i first got it bc the oem carb was doodoo and it had all sorts of vacuum leaks but a vacuum delete and a weber and its already running better than it ever has the entire time ive owned it

im currently just waiting for the warm weather to come back around so the body work can get done before getting it sent off to paint
body wise it needed some new things and some minor things done to it

New passenger fender witch i have just needs paint matched

new passenger door witch i also have just needs paint matched

hood dent needs corrected

some misc exterior trim witch i have most of just needs to be refreshed

minor hail damage hood/roof needs corrected

but if i remember to ill keep updating this when i start to pick up on it again also id put pictures but tbh i dont know how i tried and it wouldnt let me maybe it knew my car wasnt worth seeing lol