Hey there I'm Austin, hailing from southern oregon.
I have an 85 honda accord hatch, a 2.5 gen, that I swapped an EK1 from an 83 accord into, promptly broke it, and now it has another EK1 from an 82 Prelude in it.

This car has given me hell and back, but I adore driving it, although i have put less than 500 miles on the chassis since I bought it in 2021.

the 1829cc motor had issues when I bought the car, but thinking it was just a headgasket I bought it for 400$.
when we pulled the head it turned out that it had a hole in 2 pistons large enough I could put my pinky finger through it. I drove it into the shop that way!

A year later I acquired an 83 accord with wiring issues, and at the time I knew very little about motors and figured they were the same since they were "the same gen" not knowing that the 85 is vastly different.
We put the motor in anyways, and its fully custom. Unfortunately, the motor only lasted 300 miles before losing power and starting to run hot despite running rich and having a fully new and properly bled coolant system.

As it sits as of december of 23' it has a EK1 out of an 82 prelude, mated to the 83 accord 5 speed, with the custom coolant system in place. I'm hoping this motor lasts longer than the first ek1, which will be rebuilt since clearly there's issues with this swap and/or this car hates me.