Hello, today i redid the vacuum lines on my 1988 dx accord and ive got a few question about problems i encountered if anyone can advice me.

1- one of my thermovalves is split in half and is plugged using some king of glue, so i had to plug one of the vacuum lines as shown in the picture.

Is this the correct thing to do?

2- there seems to be some kind of a valve on the right side of the picture, originally the vacuum line connected to it was bypassed so i kept it as is.

Anyone can tell me what it is?

3- most of the vacuum lines were in the wrong places, after putting them back in the correct places i feel like accel power has slightly increased and the rpm needle is very stable, power increase could be because #2 line on distributor was not letting any air through so i replaced it, but now it feels like there is a 0.5 a second delay when i press accel pedal to when it accelerates, could it be that i need to re-tune the carb?

4- since one of the thermovalves is broken in half i do not have fast idle, so when cold the rpm is around 700 and when hot its around 1300, is there a way to keep both around 800 as specified in the manual?

The carb is a like a black box for me, i do not know much about it, and the manual does not state what each component does so i would really appreciate your help .