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Thread: axles,gaskets,starter b20a ?

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    axles,gaskets,starter b20a ?

    ok guys im sorry to ask these questions i know they been asked a million times and i v asked them a bit quite to im just confused about these 3 questions still please just answer them and tell me exactly which to use

    -what gaskets do i use for the b20a im talking about every piece on the motor

    -which starter do i use for the motor

    - and the question thats benn asked a million times which axles do i use for the b20a im not using the ones that come with the motor i dont trust those please answer them

    thank u all for taking ur time to answer agian very sorry

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    Its all in the forum and reading the B20A topics would tell you everything. Only JDM B20A gaskets will work, use the automatic A20A starter, and use either your normal A20A axles or if it comes with the intermediate shaft use two passenger side axles. Im not 100% sure that this applies to the prelude though. Not to be an ass but i read all the B20A topics and all the info is their. If your serious about the swap buy the motor and start buying parts for it. The longer you wait the harder it is gonna be to find since people are noticing that its not a hard swap and the output is far greater than the stock motor. Both shops i know that carried them have sold all that they have and may or may not get more of them.

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    you should read a little more
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    I need these parts!

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