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Thread: Bike carbs?

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    Bike carbs?

    Has anyone looked into running quad motorcycle Mikuni carbs? I figure if you jet them right you can get them to run with a 4 banger and keep the rev rane cuz those carbs are made to go like 13000 rpms. If they run those on 250 cc motors at that speed thats the equivalent of our motors (1995 cc @6500 rpm)
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    Yeah someone stuck them on an A20 motor... they used a big hunk of aluminum and machined out a manifold.

    I was reading an old car craft and they talked about how the early prototype manifolds were done with industrial rubber tubing.
    I assume we could do the same... as long as we make something to support the weight.
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    yeah, i am working on this setup, but it is moving very slow because of the financial problems.

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