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Thread: Check engine light (code 16) 89 Accord Lxi

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    Check engine light (code 16) 89 Accord Lxi

    Hey guys how is it goin. A friend of mine has an 89 Accord lxi and he is having some problems with his car. i already searched in and found some good info regarding check engine lights in there accord forum and i found a link to cross refrence codes in someones post in the archives . the code is one long blink and the six short ones. is the first blink just the ecu turning on or does it represent the 10's. the cross reference sheet says a code 16 is for _fuel injector system_ but it only says its for an accord 90-95??????????? I just dont understand? can someone please help me out. i guess the car has a hard time starting sometimes, sometimes it fires up and sometimes it just cranks. sometimes i smell gas when it is starting/running. any help would be great. thanks in advance. J

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    Now the code.. Does it repeat the code 16 over and over? Or just the first time then 6, 6, etc. A code six is just the ect sensor on the thermostat housing. That would also explain the starting problems. Now if it's flashing 16, that's not a valid code. The shop manual has a note under the chart that says

    CODE 4, 11, 15, 16 or exceeds 17, count the number of blinks again. If the indicator is in fact, blinking these codes, substitute a known-good ECU and recheck. If the indication goes away, replace the original ECU.
    Hope it's not a 16!!


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