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Thread: Buyer Beware

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    Buyer Beware

    I bought a '88 DX from this guy (who happens to be a preacher) for $1200. He raved about this car and said that he maintained the vehicle. I wanted it because we sold our '87 when we moved back to the East Coast in October. After the title changed hands, all "Heck" broke loose! The car began stalling constantly to the point that it died on the interstate! A local Honda dealership said that the carb was shot and needed to be replaced. Since this car was a surprise gift for my mom (before the problems), she footed the bill for the carb. A week later, the same problems arose. I changed the fuel pump, fuel cutoff relay and it seemed okay. Then the gas gague started acting loopy, so I ordered a fuel meter unit from the dealer. That was fine. Now the car is stalling
    AGAIN!! Oh yeah, I forgot about the split heater hose from the intake manifold to the thermostat housing AND the stripped oil pan. I called him a few times, but he was unreachable. He left some items in the car and I went to his house to drop them off. He wasn't there and haven't heard from him since. Is that messed up or what!?
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    what an asshole. he probably molests altar boys too

    have a REAL mechanic look at it, not those dealership assholes. They see a carb and go
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    Originally posted by POS carb
    what an asshole. he probably molests altar boys too

    have a REAL mechanic look at it, not those dealership assholes. They see a carb and go
    :lol Yah carb is old school.

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    when was the car purchased? I'm not sure if all states have it, but in some the buyer has 30 days after the car was bought that they can ask for a full refund. No questions asked. Good luck, hope u fix the problem.
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    I had the almost identicle problem once
    Drop the fuel tank ,scoop out the sedement and wash it out completely
    Reinstall it and some methel hydrate(to absorb the water) put a few gallons of prem. fuel and try it.If it stalls abit at first not to worry You may have some crud in the fuel lines...Oh yeah change the fuel filterS(two of them)
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    umm well if the heater hose is split you'll loose coolant and the engine will overheat and die on you. The temp guage won't show that the car is overheating because there is no coolant in the manifold to run the temp sensor for the guage.

    Also when you first start the car you'll notice a hard idle becasue some of the vacuum thermovalves run off coolant inside the manifold... also the lack of heated coolant in the manifold will make for early running problems.

    Lets hope the damage to the car from overheating wasn't that serious. I doubt the cab is shot... there are a bagillion vacuum lines and valves... the carb is rarely the real problem it just may need a good cleaning, rebuild, and tightening of screws. Along with new vacuum lines where needed.
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