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Thread: emergency brake/ rear brake troubles

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    emergency brake/ rear brake troubles

    ok i have read some of the threads about emergency brake and rear break adjustment and hav acted accordingly. and yet after about 4-5 times stopping of 1-2 times useing the e-brake the rear drums are completely out of adjustment. when i depress the brake pedal normaly it goes down about 2-3 inches then has pressure, but is real tight when rear brakes are adjusted correctly. i have even blead and re blead the brakes on all four corners and replaced the front brakes(rear brakes still had PLENTY of pad left on the shoe)... do you think it is my master cylinder fu#!ing up or is something seriously wrong with my rear brakes altogether?

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    I'm going through the same shit man I'm still trying to figure something out, I'll let you know what I come up with but I'm about to throw those stupid drums in the garbage, they aren't stopping my car anyway
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    drums are out of round

    spend a couple of $$$ and get them turned..I went wild with my van on that one..hard to tell when they are cold..the machine shop will shave em true for $5-10 each..change the pads too.

    sometimes you can find new drums on ebay for $20 a pair + shipping

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    try new shoes. mine had enough meat left, but when i changed them, the problem was fixed.

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    It could be that your drums are out of round but with this you will also notice some vibration. The vibration will get worse the faster you go and the harder you apply the brakes.
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    it could be the silver pressure valve thingy, but they rarely go out
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