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Thread: URGENT ASST. PLZ! Brake Caliper Frozen on Caliper Pin!

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    Angry URGENT ASST. PLZ! Brake Caliper Frozen on Caliper Pin!

    I've had a squealing brake for a while, figured today I would change the pads and rotors.

    The drivers side caliper has apparently frozen in position on the caliper pin for some time. The inside pad with the squeal bar was worn to almost nothing, while the outside pad was quite thick. There is just enough distance left for the caliper to slide on the pin to clear a new pad, but it isn't budging. In fact, when rotating the caliper, it really is backing out the pin from the caliper bracket, not rotating on the pin.

    Ok, so, I am resigned to the fact that I may need a new caliper pin and a new caliper. Right now, I just need to get it apart to examine the damage. I can possibly repair and ruses these components, but right now I just need to unseize the pin from the caliper. Hammer hasn't helped, and I hate banging on these cast parts. I've got it soaking in Kroil now, but I'd like to try and not get dramatic on this thing unless I really need to. I needed this car in the morning, that's probably not gonna happen but I'm trying. I'll pull an all-nighter if I can, but I ain't got the brake fluid here to bleed them. Trying to avoid that if I can, obviously.

    So, any ideas to unseize this? happen a lot? Why in the heck did honda use this pin crap vs a bolt here too?
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    heat with acetilyne torch till cherry red. douse with water. repeat this process 4-5 times. then strike with hammer and brass punch.
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    Yeah, if it comes down to it I can take the thing off the car, but again I was hoping to not bleed the brakes.

    It's looking like that'll be happening no matter what. I'll get the gear to do it tomorrow. *sigh*

    This stinks.
    Goat Jesus

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