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Thread: Hey everybody, newbie owner of 89 LXi

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    Hey everybody, newbie owner of 89 LXi

    Well, im now an owner of a 89 Accord LXi, auto (damnit), ice cold ac, cruise control, Power mirrors, power locks, power windows, just about every option imaginable on a 14 yr old car. Anyways, the car has alot of miles, close to 250,000. The guy had a 120 mile trip on the hwy every day to work for like 6 years or something, and thats how the miles added up. Normally theres no way i would purchase a car with that many miles, but the guy i bought it from had receipts from an oil and filter change every 3,500 miles, valves adjusted every 15,000, tranny fluid changed, new CV joints, EVERYTHING was changed on time. And i read a few stories on ehre of these cars going 400,000+miles, so if i could get a few years out of it i will be happy.

    Its got a few problems though. The driver side power window motor is broken. Where can i go to get a replacement? Hopefully i wont have to go the honda place where i will officially get raped. And the alternator is bad, which is no big thing really. For $600, no way your going to get a perfect car right?

    Anyways, i guess i'll just tell yal alittle about me. I'm taylor, junior in HS, i drive a 1968 mustang. Gotta built 306, fully restored, gets all of 13-15 mpg, so i needed another gas saving car to drive. Live in NC (dont think i put that down in my registration thing). Alright guys thats it for now, im sure i'll have plenty of questions as time goes on. If anybody can answer my ? about the window motor that woudl be great. Later guys.

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    sounds good welcome to 3geez!! how does it feel going from muscle to import 3rd gens are the shiznet welcome once again man

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    Welcome to the site. There is tons of useful information on here, and you'll find it with a quick search. PLEASE use the search button for any questions about stuff like body kits and shit.

    Your window motor can be found at any junk yard. The cool thing about getting one from the junk yard is that you can figure out how to take the thing out so you'll know how to take it out of your car without FUBAR'ing it up.
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    blah blah blah I am a jackass who did not even bother to spend the time reading your post.


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