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Thread: Raising car back up.

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    Raising car back up.

    Ok guys I am going to raise my car back up to original height. I have a set of OEM struts and springs on the way. My question is will I need to re-adjust the camber and if so how do I do it. Also what tools will I need besides a spring comressor and socket wrench. Reason I am going back to stock height is because I bought the car lowered and come to discover that original owners just stuck with OEM struts and god knows what kind of lowering springs they used or if they just cut it to do it. My assumption is they just cut original stock springs to lower it how they wanted, but who knows I'll find out when me and my buddy take off the wheels and look everything over. We are figuring about 8-10hrs since this will be first time doing this car and we want to learn and look things over while we got wheels and breaks off. I'm gonna check out my ties rods etc. I'll Keep you posted.

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    Camber is not adjustable on 3g accords so that's not an issue. What you WILL need to do is to have an alignment done after you finish so your tires wear evenly and so your car doesn't pull either left or right. Besides that, the process is pretty straightforward.


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