First. For those of you that don't know. 88 LXi coupe automatic, has power windows but not locks.

I'm not definite on this alarm but just to give an idea i'll use it as an example.

Say if I used this alarm. It says it comes with everything needed for the install. From what's shown on the page is that true?

2nd. From the info I found searching this site all that's needed to make a coupes doors open with an alarm is an actuator. this is called a door motor, but from the pics of actuators I found on ebay it looks the same. If says it works for "any" manual doorlock system. I don't believe in "any," but will it work for my car? Based off the info I found on this site it should work, but I just want to check before I do anything.

Last questions. Does anyone know of a place in New York that does car alarm installs for a good price (if so where and approx how much)? If not, in general how much do car alarm installs cost anywhere?