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Pretty sure it's the same, but I would worry about trying to find that trans instead because good luck with that
Verify the splines fit the diff and use the accord axles, the trans case is the same so it would fit the same otherwise
Yeah find one is hard there's a lude sitting in a yard near me but I've been hesitant to grab it as is no use to me after A to B plate but I figured somebody might want it I just don't want to sit on it forever. And you're correct the Prelude axles and spines are the same as the Accord it is a direct Plug and Play bolt in matter of fact you could still use your Accord axles in the Prelude transmission or vice versa. I've also found out which isn't new that B series axles will fit the 88 and 89 Accord hubs same with those that B series swap they're running one Accord and one B series axle whether it's an Integra or CRV.

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