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Thread: wheel studs

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    wheel studs

    ok as u guys know im restoring my 2nd gen lude and convertin it to rhd and buildin a 350 hp na b20a monster im restoring every part of the car from head to toe im puttin better stuff on it i want to replace the wheel studs with better really strong skunk 2 studs and rember the accord wheel studs are exactly the same well im gonin to replace it but which honda wheel studs would fit on the hub soimeone help me i want to replace it because im gonan put drag slicks on only when i go to the track but i think it would lok kool with the extended studs on my regular rims so dont complain aor try to persuae me to not buy them please jut help thnx again
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    if no one can find at for you call up DORMAN and they can give you all the specs on them. just a sugestion.
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