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Thread: Need Feed back.

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    Need Feed back.

    Would it be any better to run a CAI into my carb with the civic adapter, than it would be just to leave the carb open with the screen for a filter.



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    of cource it would be better. you need a filter, you don't want anything end up inside your engine and cause some huge problems. plus if you run with open carb, you will be sucking all the hot air from the engine.

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    What he said!
    or you could always do a hoodcoop!
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    the screen is not a filter, it's a screen... most it'll save you from is a rock, a large filter will be better...

    One thing about adding an intake is it increases the vacuum signal... this helps the secondary work better.

    The plenum of the civic air box above the TB is smaller then our plenum helping top end... also having and intake will give you lower air temps and help straighten out the flow.
    The plenum size above a carb is not to be confused with the intake manifold plenum size of an EFI system... which would get more top end from a larger plenum.
    - llia

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