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Thread: someone do pauls gauges for me. Ill pay

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    someone do pauls gauges for me. Ill pay

    so Im like about as computer illiterate as they come. I want someone to make pauls white gauges for me. move the redline up to stock jdm b20a redline. change the writing and all to that cool fire writing design I saw on here a while back. Ill send you my cluster you can put the lights in and all. I want the blacklight backligh but I want the needles and writing to still glow as they did before only not green. Ive read about how to do it and all Im just too overwhelmed with the turbo swap to concentrate on this. Ive got about 1-2 weeks beofre Id have to have them back. If your interested and think you can do this or something similar let me know.

    Id really like the cold cathode uv reactive gauges like paul oringinally talked about.

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    Re: someone do pauls gauges for me. Ill pay

    i have the guages in white. ill send the file to someone who can do it. im going back to biloxi till feb and everything is gone down there. i dont know if i could find a kinkos to print it out on good thick paper.


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