I'm going to necro this because I was reading this https://honeddevelopments.com/honed-...n-and-install/
I knew porsche brakes were a popular upgrade for 88-00 civics, the parts are outlined better here: https://honeddevelopments.com/produc...-mounting-kit/ or maybe this one https://honeddevelopments.com/produc...-mounting-kit/ 986 Boxster calipers and R53 Mini Cooper S JCW rotors
Fastbrakes is now selling the itr kit for $550, these brackets are $200 plus the calipers and rotors, depending on caliper price it could be similarly priced, but way better performance.
Im trying to figure out which bracket is needed, I read through this really quick, but did the itr calipers physically bolt on to the knuckle? Do the DX/LX and LXi/SEi have the same knuckles? Did the 4mm spacer space the caliper towards the rotor or away? If it spaces it towards it then there might be an issue getting these to work, but maybe not.