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Thread: 1976-1981 Accord Engine Information

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    1976-1981 Accord Engine Information

    EF CVCC Motor 1976 - 1978

    1976 - 1978 Honda Accords used a 1600cc CVCC (compound vortex controlled combustion) engine. The engine is identified as an EF1-XXXXXXX as stamped on the block. If the motor has EF-XXXXXXX stamped on the block, this indicates the motor was originally installed in a car sold to the Japanese market. These motors find their way into the US when they are imported from Japan to be used as replacements.

    EK CVCC Motor 1979 - 1981

    From 1979 - 1981 Honda Accords used a 1800cc CVCC engine. This engine is identified as an EK1-XXXXXXX as stamped on the block. A motor identified as EK-XXXXXXX is a motor that came from a car sold in Japan. The rear suspension was changed at this time as well. The 4 door version of the Accord became available for the first time in 1979.
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    Re: 1976-1981 Accord Engine Information

    Ive got a 79 accord hence my sn. the engine in my car is the second most powreful engine in i's generation. the 81 prelude is slightly more powerful. now to the point is it possible to install a newer morepowerful engine in the same engine bay?
    a newer prelude engine or something like that?
    an help thaks

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