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Thread: adapter plate , tubo manifold

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    adapter plate , tubo manifold

    im just curious as to what the 3g community thinks about using adapter plates to mount turbos rather then going with a custom made turbo kit. ive seen it being done on HMT on civics, but can it be done on our accords

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    Re: adapter plate, what are your thoughts on it?

    the problem with our accords is that our headers are too long compared to civics. there is no room for turbo to be mounted at the bottom of the header. It will hit the crossmember.
    you probably will have to cut the header and weld the adapter, that may work.

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    Re: adapter plate, what are your thoughts on it?

    you don't want to weld on a stock intake manifold. These are made out of cast iron and it's difficult to make a reliable weld on this. Not to mention that the turbo will give it alot of heat cycles and additional stress from the weight.

    The best thing to do if to make an entirely new exhaust manifold from scratch to match with the turbo you'll have.
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    I need these parts!

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    Re: adapter plate, what are your thoughts on it?

    technically you cant get good welds with mild to cast iron but ive seen it done and ive done it myself, the problem is that there isnt sufficient clearance to stick a turbo under the stock exhaust manifold and have it fit between the engine and the beam. The civics can do it because the HF manifold is very short
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    Re: adapter plate, what are your thoughts on it?

    I was going to do this on my car and still might, actually, if I replace my front crossmember..anyway, use the cast top part of the factory manifold as the first part of a top mount tri-y setup. I wouldn't use the single pipe manifold. You could place the turbo about where I had it before, slightly to the passenger side of the engine, or wherever. You would have 2 stainless tubes bolt up to the manifold and come up into a collector, very simple, and the factory manifold allows heat shields, eliminates problems of warpage, etc. I also doubt the factory upper manifold would reduce hp potential much, if any at all.

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