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Thread: Accordracing21 and 3rdgenhatchdx's ANTI- 1 and 2 gee thread

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    Re: Time to clear things up...

    3geez and any addition to 3geez is for people who want to make use of it; to help others or to recieve help. If you don't want to do either of the two above thats fine... Those who think the things I listed above are bad ideas... thats fine too, since there are plenty of people besides you whom want to and do make use of it (3geez, 2geez, 1geez, etc.).
    - llia

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    Re: Accordracing21 and 3rdgenhatchdx's ANTI- 1 and 2 gee thread

    I could not agree more Joe. Lostforawhile has a good point too I must say.

    As the admin in charge of the 1 and 2geez community I just can't see what's the matter with not wanting them here. 1 and 2geez owners naturaly came here because it was the ONLY place where they could find and share information about their cars without being flamed. Like Joe said (that's the director) we're going to be ZE place for the pre 1990 Accords.

    If you don't want to see their posts, fine, get over it. These posts would have come up anyway, scattered in various sections. The only difference now is that they're gathered in the same place, so some of you guys don't have to look at their ghetto accords... I know your eyes could burn or your balls shrink if you saw one of those. That's why we put them in a small ghetto inside 3geez....
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    I need these parts!

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