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Thread: Axle swap info

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    Axle swap info

    As promised, here are the charts regarding the info on the bearing swap to accomodate the Se-i axles with an A20 engine/tranny swap.
    well, do i have a reply for you....
    In some other thread i spoke about going to the bearing place and doing some cross-referencing. Well, here's how it goes: (Federal Mogul bearing #'s)
    Bearing B-32, (36mm bore, 2.8363'' OD, 34mm inner/outer ring width), fits 81-87 Prelude (exc Si), 81-85 Accord (exc SE-i)
    Bearing 513025 (38mm bore, 2.8362'' OD, 34mm inner/outer ring width), fits 85-87 Prelude Si, 84-85 Accord SE-i
    Bearing 513053 (40mm bore, 2.9937'' OD, 41mm inner ring width, 38mm outer ring width) fits 86-89 Accord.
    As you can see, the 2g and 3g bearings are quite different, but the 2g and Si/SE-i bearings are identical, except the 2mm difference in the bore (ID) that will allow us to run the SE-i/Si drive flanges. changing the knuckle won't be needed; just change the bearing and flange, now you can run the bigger shafts to accomodate your engine swap! I'll be checking part #'s to see if the prelude Si and Accord SE-i flanges are the same (which i think they are). If so, Prelude Si's will provide a ready source of the oversised flanges, as they sure are a hell of a lot easier to find than the Accord SE-i's are.
    Another solution would be to have the 3g flange machined down the 2mm so it fits. i wouldn't want to machine it down 4mm to the original 2g bearing size
    The Federal Mogul Bearing Application Chart

    The Bearing Dimension Page
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    Re: Axle swap info

    so in lamens terms that means that the lude shafts would be better than the SE-i shafts id guess. is this for the basterd shaft mod or they fit in perfectly stock with teh a20 in teh 84/85?
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    Re: Axle swap info

    This problaby belongs here in the faq. Just for reference this pertains to changing the bearings in a carbed 2g so you can use 2g Prelude Si drive flanges so that 85 Accord SE-i axles will fit. The 85 SE-i axles are plug and play with a 3g, lude 2.0, or Teg Hybrid (using the teg diff center) trans swap into a 2g accord.


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    Re: Axle swap info

    Just out of curiosity, and for the record, why do some of the OD on some of those bearings have "--" instead of MM?

    Is that because, for example with bearing B32, 2.8363 inches is 72.04mm? Is 0.04mm enough of a difference in tolerance, that you wouldn't want to press a 72mm bearing into a 72.04mm hole, or vice-versa?

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