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Thread: ET2 head on ES2 block? Smoking problem...

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    Re: ET2 head on ES2 block? Smoking problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndGenGuy View Post
    Well, if you're low on power, and you're getting shitty mileage there are a number of things:

    Ignition Timing
    Cam Timing
    Improper Mixture
    Injector Problems
    Clogged Air Filter
    Clogged Cat

    I'm sure there are more.
    it boggs on take off.. bad.. boggs til about 3k then hits powerband.. and sometimes it misses and pops at idle in park... air filters dirty but its the same as if i run it without the filter..

    Quote Originally Posted by 84Accord View Post
    holy crap! that is really bad.
    i get about 340 miles to a tank

    lucky haha.. i wanna get more milage but dam idk whats going on

    1988 4 Door Lx-i 5-speed
    364,XXX and counting :]

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    Re: ET2 head on ES2 block? Smoking problem...

    Yoooo Mustardcat? You still around these forums?

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    Re: ET2 head on ES2 block? Smoking problem...

    Don't really hang around the forums but I am still around.

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    Re: ET2 head on ES2 block? Smoking problem...

    ill private message you. I just got myself an 85 Honda accord hatch

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