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Thread: Engine Rust

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    Engine Rust

    Okay so I've never really taken apart an engine before. But I took the head off of my '81 Hatch a few months ago. I've been kinda neglecting it, waiting to pick up some parts from Canada. Well I pushed it out beside my garage, and its been there for a few months now, with the head off of the engine. I looked at it last night and noticed there is some rust building up on the top of the head and a little bit at the tops of the water jackets...

    Is there anything I should do to keep this from getting any worse? I know it's going to get machined and have that rust on top skimmed off, but what about inside the water jackets? I smeared a whole bunch of 10w30 motor oil all over that top surface, figuring that will keep moisture off of it... What should I do?

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    Re: Engine Rust

    I'd say you're fine. Bare metal that is unlubed and has ANY moisture exposure will rust (think brake rotors). I'm sure the machine shop can get it looking brand new again. Machine shops get some beatup engines that have sat outside sans valve covers and they get 'em right. The oil will help, but since the engine isn't sealed tight, it is only a band aid. I'd say throw a tarp over it and it'll be all good once the machine shop blasts it.

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    Re: Engine Rust

    Phew okay thats good. I was gettin scared that I'd done something bad...

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