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    Exclamation Koni Part Numbers

    Okay so I've got a set of Konis for my car. I bought the fronts and rears seperately. I thought that I would post the part numbers on here so that we would at least have a reference. There are a couple questions that I have about my struts too, and I'm going to call Koni tomorrow and find out what they have to say about it.

    First off, I bought these struts off of eBay. They were listed to work on an 84-85 Accord. It didn't mention that they would work on an 82-83. These struts are externally adjustable, and even came with a cool little knob to adjust them. I question whether or not they will actually fit my car. If they do fit, perhaps I can find a set that is externally adjustable for the front of my car as well. If you do a Google search for that part number it brings up the following information from another eBay auction:

    You are bidding on a pair of new (nos) Koni adjustable gas shocks still in the original factory box and complete with new installation parts. Koni # 8641-1082. They fit the rear of all models of the Honda Prelude 1983-1987 and Honda Accord all models 1984-1985. They replace the models with the sealed rear strut top, the SHOWA rear damper. If you have the screw top Tokico type, please see our other listing for Koni # 8641-1081. The last wholesale price per pair was $287.76.

    These I bought off of They are listed on that site as fitting the front for an 82-85. They're also listed here as being for an 82-85. I feel 100% confident that they're actually for that. Guyhatesmycar also has a set of these he bought on an eBay auction as a complete set along with Koni part numbers 86-2217 allegedly for the rears. These are only adjustable out of the car.

    These were bought in a full set with the fronts off of eBay by Guyhatesmycar. They came with a set of 86-2216's that I mentioned above. I have Googled this as well and they only mention that they fit 82-83. I am going to ask Koni about these tomorrow as well, as I thought that the suspension from 82-85 was the same. I'm starting to wonder if there was something different in the rears from 82-83 and 84-85. These are also only adjustable out of the car.

    So when I call Koni tomorrow, I'll post what I find out. If theres a full set of externally adjustable shocks available for 82-85 that would be pretty sweet. If not, I'll have a set of shocks for something else and will have to hunt down a set of rear shocks for my car again.

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    Interesting, we need to get together and figure out what's what.
    "Now, even more better!"

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    Allright, so I called Koni, and it sounds like we both may be in luck.

    They said that 86-2216 is for sure the front shocks for 82-85. So no problem there. I asked them if they can be rebuilt for external adjusting, and they said that it can in-fact be done... It's a very tempting offer.

    Now they said that for the rears, that 86-2217 is listed as only for 82-83. The part number for the 84-85 is 86-2323. He says there's a good chance that they might still work, but he says they're definitely valved differently. He also noted that the 86-2323 will fit the 83-85 Prelude.

    Also, as for the 8641-1082 that I have that are externally adjustable, Koni says that they are listed as for the 83-85 Prelude rears. He says that since the other rears for the Prelude say they fit the 84-85 Accord, he doesn't see why the 8641-1082 won't fit the Accord as well.

    Now I suppose the only question remaining is, are the rear shocks from 82-83 the same as 84-85, other than some valving that Koni may have changed... And do the Preludes and Accords in-fact have the same rear suspension? They sure do look the same at the bottom, but I can't speak for the tops of the strut towers.


    I guess I should sum this up:

    86-2216: Front Shocks for 82-85 Accord. Compress to adjust.
    86-2217: Rear Shocks for 82-83 Accord. Compress to adjust. (Might fit 84-85 Accord)
    86-2323: Rear Shocks for 84-85 Accord. Compress to adjust. (Might fit 82-83 Accord)
    8641-1082: Rear shocks for 83-85 Prelude. Externally Adjustable. Also fit 84-85 Accord (Might fit 82-83 Accord)
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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    ^^^mods sticky that info for future 2nd gen owners^^^

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    Great info. Sticked
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    I need these parts!

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    I just wanted to add a little info to this thread. I WAS able to install the Prelude rear struts into the Accord. So they do actually work.

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    i bought the same off ebay did you have to dissasemble your sturts and slip them inside the housing like the instructions said

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    Re: Koni Part Numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by toddnjoy
    i bought the same off ebay did you have to dissasemble your sturts and slip them inside the housing like the instructions said
    Not just disassemble, cut them apart.

    See this thread:

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