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Thread: Battery Light + Check Engine Light

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    Battery Light + Check Engine Light

    Hi Guys,

    I live at home with my folks and we rotate vehicles (My Accord one day, my Dad's Legend the next), and my Dad just HAD to use my car even with a charging system problem

    Anyway, He comes to pick me up from yesterday night (3:00 AM), and I notice that the headlights seemed really dim.

    I knew something wasnt right, and then my dad tells me that he has been driving it around at night with that light on (I know thats bad, but I checked the alternator/water pump belt, and it was fine).

    Anyway, about a mile from home the turn signals stopped working, and the check engine light started flashing erratically (when that happened the car started running really rough), then the engine died.

    Now IIRC when the battery is really low the check engine light will come on because there isnt enough power to run ECU (let alone the Injectors and the fuel pump), so it goes into backup mode.

    Anyway, My Dad and I managed to get the Accord home today, and I check the battery water level. The cells were empty, so I put water in them (but I have no way to charge the battery right now, and I don't have any jumper cables at the moment).

    Anyway, my question is:
    Could there be any damage to the electrical system because of this?

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    Re: Battery Light + Check Engine Light

    I doubt you've damaged anything except the battery, which may be toast. Did you use distilled water to fill up the cells? If not, next time do, or get a maintenance free battery.

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    Re: Battery Light + Check Engine Light

    i have had the problem before, but never running just on the battery system, to be honest with you, if the alternator was in good shape, u wont bog or sputter once the charging system is active (aka. once the car is running). If anything, get a new battery and get the whole system checked out at the local autozone, if not u could just take a voltmeter to the battery terminals, once the car is warmed up and at idle, to check the output voltage from the alternator.

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    Re: Battery Light + Check Engine Light

    well, change the battery, and also check the alternator when the car running. alternator shout put out 14.4V anything bloe 13.5v should be replaced. I have a feeling your alternator is dead and since your dad was running with dead alternator all night it killed the battery.

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