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Thread: Need Carb pro in the Indianapolis area!!

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    Need Carb pro in the Indianapolis area!!

    Ok. So ive been having problems with idling and stalling and stumbling goin on for over 6 months now. Got to the point i parked it 2 months ago until i could afford to fix it.
    I dropped it off at one of the local mechanics and after 2 days he said that it had carb problems but he cant fix it. He didnt elaborate or offer any more advice.
    The timing is set right. Im not sure about vacuum because i dont have the skills to check that nor the equipment. At this point i plan on buying a holley rebuilt from Advance auto but im not too confident in my abilities to replace or adjust it.
    So, if your in the Indy area and want to make a few bucks helping me out, and you KNOW what your doing, then let me know, cuz im gimp when it comes to carbs.

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    Re: Need Carb pro in the Indianapolis area!!

    carb how to's here are pretty good, I'd start by considering the cars history, most if not all the problems I've dealt with on used cars have been misrouted vac hoses. I do have a brand new in the box accord carb ( oem for an automatic) but I want more then an arm and a leg for it. Plenty of good used stuff on ebay, but likely your issue is one of the 20 sensors or 100 feet of vac tubing stuff like misadjusted master idle speed screw ( back of carb with big knurled knob), sticky throttle plates ( spend $20 and give it a bath in gumout spray), misadjusted throttle cable and so on can make for a misbehaving accord. also the usual villians, fouled plugs, crummy fuel, and so on. Could be a real money pit,or a good learning experience. You decide.

    you'll need the silver book to learn has a good step by step diagnoisis grid, you can get a copy off some russian website ( start searching here...)

    Leaky hoses are the easist fix..with the engine running, spray short bursts of gumout on hoses..if the engine speeds up or stalls, you've found one..narrow it and fix it, then move on.

    hack attempts to fix carb problems often result in engine timing and adjustment screws tweeked out of range. You must use a methodical method to win the carb game.

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