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Thread: FAQ/How-to requests

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    FAQ/How-to requests

    I'll admit it, I've been slacking. I've been so busy lately I've yet to make the faq/how-to threads that I'd promised.

    I know there've been several big projects in here that deserve a how-to and I'm making a request for those who have done them to put together a faq about it.

    I have a few requirements.
    1st they have to be 2g specific. Nothing that would belong or is already listed in the main 3geez faq.

    2nd If you want to write the faq then you need to have actually done it. No arm chair mechanics.

    3rd Pictures. You need them. I'll work on getting them hosted on 3geez, but initially just host them on image shack or what ever.

    The big how-to's I'm looking to get done are the a20 swaps. I was going to do the 84-5 one myself, but I've lost all of my pictures. I know I'm not the only one who's done it now. Or if someone just wants to submit some pics I'll do the writing. We all know who is the candidate for the 82-3 how-to is, once the car is finished.

    A separate how-to on transmission swaps may be in order too. I know that it can be tied in to the engine swap, and really has to be with the 82-3, but I'd rather a separate one for the 84-5 which includes using the SE-i axles and prelude hubs.

    The rear disk how-to needs pics, does anyone want to donate any? A rewrite isn't out of the question.

    We also need a suspension faq. What's still available and where to get it etc.

    I'm sure there is a lot more, and a lot of the information is in the forum already. It just needs to be dug out, consolidated, and made accessible.

    If you want to do one post your intent here (just the topic and a brief synopsis, don't post the actual info). I'll pm you with my ok and we'll get everything worked out. Don't just start posting How-to and faq threads.

    No chit chat in this thread, just post ideas/intent. If you want to see something in the how-tos/faq but don't have the info to create it, post your idea maybe someone else does and will pick that one up (posts just saying good idea etc will be deleted). If there are a couple of you who want to collaborate on one thats fine. Post that you're going to do it here, but start a new thread if you want it open to the community or use pm's to discuss it.


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    Re: FAQ/How-to requests

    hey i was going to do a how to on battery re location for performance safty and so you car dosent get taken um let me know if im good to do that my car is a 83 accord hatch but it can be a little generic as whell thanks there will be hi and lo res pics as whell as diagrahms ill host the pics so let me know

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    Re: FAQ/How-to requests

    Wow, never saw this thread... Would have replied some time ago. I've got pics for the rear brake swap. Also, I'm going to get my e-brake handle welded this week, so I can get pics of what that looks like. And I can get some pics how the e-brake cables hook up and bolt to the body. In fact, I'll be happy to write a full FAQ for upgrading brakes with bolt-on OEM parts.

    I can make a chart for the tranny swap compatibility chart as well. I'll make it to the best of my knowledge... which isn't terribly broad. :-P

    I wrote a suspension install writeup, but maybe I can re-write it and we can sticky it and lock it. Where to find parts though, I'm not even 100% certain. I can try to compile a list.
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    Re: FAQ/How-to requests

    -engine swaps
    -bodywork and paint

    These are a few things I can probably help out with.
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    Re: FAQ/How-to requests

    Hmm... yeah I need to get on it. I forgot about that.

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    Re: FAQ/How-to requests

    Very, very few things you want to know, fast!

    1. How do I get out of the instrument assembly 2gen 1982 / Gauges?

    2. I can not get out of the cigarette lighter, a light bulb just want to be replace.Who?!

    3. What and how much oil should be a manual transmisson? Nivo bolt can be filled?

    4. How can I seeded in my car? Cutting factory springs should be? How much?

    Would be a lot more questions, please seek the [email protected] address.



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