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Thread: Weber Adapter Port Matching

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    Weber Adapter Port Matching

    So after being inspired by this post tonight:

    I decided to give a shot to port matching the intake manifold to the Weber adapter plate before installing the manifold on the car.

    Here's the stock manifold...

    With the Weber Adapter...

    Lil bit of cutting...

    Lil more shaping...

    The intake port on the manifold was WAY bigger than on the adapter, and so I smoooothed it all out.

    I did the roodoo2 style chopping of the divider and made it a U shape. Mostly for airflow reasons, but I cut a good portion of it out. I wasn't really sure how to get all the way up into the mainfold, since I don't have the attachement on the dremel that lets you get in really deep.

    There are now no more edges anywhere from the top of the carb base down. You can't feel any lips, burrs or transitions that aren't smooth. I'd say for 4 hours of work, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    Re: Weber Adapter Port Matching

    That looks pretty Awesome

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    Re: Weber Adapter Port Matching


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    Re: Weber Adapter Port Matching

    Sweet! I want one!

    1986 Honda Prelude build thread
    1981 Honda Accord (sold)

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    Re: Weber Adapter Port Matching

    Good work john, Looks like i wasnt the only one making alloy flakes with a dremel yesterday haha

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