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Thread: Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

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    Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

    My fuel tank builds up a lot of pressure (I've read most of the "swoosh" posts). I've tried disconnecting the vapor line from the tank (firewall) to the charcoal cansiter and the tank remains pressurized until I open the gas filler cap. Is that correct? I'm wondering if the two-way valve on the tank is not functioning properly, I've read the test proceedure in the manual for the two-way valve which doesn't make sense yet, it would be helpful to know how it is supposed to work.

    The main problem I am having is a hard re-starting (10-20 min) in warm weather. Once it starts there's a small amount of smoke and the rpms are very low an it runs rough for 45 seconds or so then it runs great (choke operation ok). I removed the line from the secondary fuel filter while there was pressure in the tank and fuel squirted out with considerable pressure until I opened the gas cap and relieved the pressure then fuel siphoned back with considerable vacuum. I'm thinking the pressure from the fuel tank is overcoming the float valve and flooding the intake manifold (?)

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

    I've never heard of that two-way valve going bad. ...on anything. I can't see how tank pressure would ever be able to choke the car without it breaking your carb first. That would be a problem all the time, not just during a warm start.

    Basic questions:

    - When was your last tune-up
    - Are you using good gas
    - How old are your fuel filters

    Not so basic question:

    - What happens if you leave the gas cap off entirely?

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    Re: Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

    these cars had a tank over pressurizing problem from new, not just the accords but the prelude as well. it was swept under the table and kept hush hush by honda. I wish I could remember the links, but there were a lot of complaints. the valve can fail, but your cap is supposed to vent the excess pressure before it damages anything. thats why the spring assembly in the caps.

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    Re: Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

    Drill a hole in your gas cap. Not a giant one but a nice small breather hole. Dont tell the EPA or drive in California and you will be fine.

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    Re: Fuel Tank Pressure 87 Accord LX 20A1

    I don't think it's a big deal. Mine has done it for over 8 years. My Miata does it too, but it has a sticker by the door that says "remove slowly to release excess pressure." I think gas tanks just do that. I wouldn't worry about it.

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