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Thread: Accord Hatchback in UK

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    Re: Accord Hatchback in UK

    Keep her going...
    We have fast cars but we have less time. We have wide screen tvs but narrower minds.

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    Re: Accord Hatchback in UK

    Here's a good one for you - I need the name of a panel, it's the one on the front of the car directly underneath the headlights/grille surround, mostly hidden away so you can only really see it just under the headlights. Seems to hold up the rubber apron behind the front bumper, it's quite hidden away so you only really see the edges of it under the headlights.

    Mine's a bit rough and whilst it could be repaired, I want to check out the possibility of just getting another before I spend a lot of time sorting it.

    Also you can play "Spot the Accords" on this old pic of a road near me:

    Might be able to recreate this scene at some point, I drive on this most days. It hasn't really changed much.

    I've never been that bothered about having a clean and shiny engine bay, but I've been trying to make it look a bit more presentable. At the moment it looks like you'd expect an engine bay to after 25 years, with bonus brown stains from where the radiator blew at some point (was re-cored a few years ago). I had a bit of time spare and some silver paint so I repainted the airbox cover, it's a start I suppose.

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    Re: Accord Hatchback in UK

    nice car ! good conservation !

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