3geez is currently testing out a feature that allows users to upload links to their posts on 3geez to their Facebook pages. You'll also notice that once you've associated your Facebook account with your 3geez account, you'll receive Facebook notifications whenever someone replies to a subscribed thread on 3geez, or whenever you receive a new private message.

Getting started is easy. First, log out of your 3geez account. You should see a "Connect with Facebook" link once you've logged out.

Click . The following popup box should appear.

Input your Facebook login info and move on to the next page.

If you are a Facebook user, but NOT a 3geez member:
Simply pick a nickname for yourself that will show up next to your posts on 3geez. Welcome aboard!

For existing 3geez members, on the next page you'll have the opportunity to associate your 3geez account with your Facebook account.

If you are already a 3geez.com member:
Make sure you click on "Want to use your existing username?" Once you click that link, you'll be forwarded to a screen where you then input your 3geez username and password.

It's that easy! Now whenever you post, you will be given the option to link to your post from your Facebook page. If you don't want to publish to your Facebook profile, just hit "Skip" and you'll be taken to your thread on 3geez.


I'll start out by saying that this is not a final release, and we cannot guarantee that we'll be using the feature forever. There are a couple of very minor issues that I've noticed, and since I did not create this hack, I do not know if any updates will be made. In the meantime, have fun with it, and the vbulletin.org support thread for the feature can be found HERE.

1) You may be randomly logged out of 3geez or Facebook once you've integrated your accounts. Just log back in, and it should stop doing it eventually and work just fine.

2) I do not know of a way to disassociate your Facebook and 3geez accounts. So you will be integrated until one of us learns how to do that, or until I uninstall the feature altogether.