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Thread: 87 LXi transmission questions

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    Question 87 LXi transmission questions

    Ok guys, I have an 87 Accord LXi, automatic. The transmission is acting weird. Sometimes when I am driving, when the transmission shifts into 2nd gear, the car will shake like I am going over those grooves in the road at an intersection. If I am really easy on the car, it doesn't do it. It also only does it in 2nd gear, no other gear.
    Another thing, when I am up to highway speeds, the torque converter lockup will sometimes kick in and out. Say I'm going 55 or 60 mph, ill be in fourth and I will feel it lock up, if I let off of the gas some, it will kick back out of lockup and will stay out unless I give it a very little bit of throttle. Its really touchy and annoying. I don't like using my cruise control because of it acting up the way that it is. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to why it is doing this??? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. By the way, I have already changed the transmission fluid in it.

    Last question I have ( I promise!) My speedometer is off by about ten miles per hour. I have stock sized tires on my car, and when I am going 55 MPH, my speedometer says I am going 65 MPH. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!! I am new to the Accords and just got my car. Thanks.

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    Re: 87 LXi transmission questions

    AS FAR AS THE LOCK UP CONVERTER MY CAR DOES THE SAME AND IN SECOND GEAR MY CAR does that occasionally. whats really pissin me off is how my trans seems to slip alot and flares bad when it shifts. im just swaping trannys with my 86 lx. cuz the trans i hae now has 242000 on it

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    Re: 87 LXi transmission questions

    Check your TV cable adjustment. Also check your fluid level.

    And try a search next time:

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