Does anyone have a Pic that can show me location of the Auxiliary Accelerator Pump on the carb?

Have a slight problem.....

The problem only occurs on a COLD start.
I put the key in and start the motor. It starts fine.
It runs fine for about three(3) seconds and then the RPM's start to dive (I have to give it gas to keep it from dying).
The exhaust begins to put out quite a bit of smoke and the engine runs really really really rough,... kinda like it has a heavy cam in it.
After a few minutes of this exhaust smoke and rough running, the engine of course is warming up.
The RPM's start to come up on its own, the exhaust smoke disappears and the really really really
rough idle (not really an idle because I have to give it gas to prevent the motor from dying) disappears and the car idles perfectly.
This cold start problem also uses up a noticeable amount of gasoline.

Someone told me it was prob the AAP and suggested blocking of the vacuum line untill the AAP diaphram can be replaced.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!