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Thread: AFM12 official 3Geez invite

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    AFM12 official 3Geez invite

    It's that time of the year again, AFM aka the Accord Florida Meet. As most of you know by now Florida have hosted the biggest HONDA Accord meet in the east coast for the past 5 years now and we on for it again.We will have the usual, hot cars, good friends, great food and great South Florida weather. We will also have the crews driving in from New jersey, New York, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, and people flying in from the West Coast and more. It will be a full weekend of events that starts on December 7nd-9th(Fri, Sat & Sun). The main meet will be Saturday.

    Friday 6pm
    We will be meeting at
    Tower Shops
    1904 S University Dr
    Davie, FL 33324

    Saturday AFM day 10am-3:30pm
    Plantation Heritage Park
    1100 S. Fig Tree Lane
    Plantation, FL 33317

    Saturday 7pm
    dinner will be at
    Vila's Cuban/Mexican cuisine
    4000 N University Dr,
    Sunrise FL33351
    (954) 746-7474

    Saturday 10pm
    for those of age, we will be partying
    Eden Gentlemens Club
    2101 S University Dr
    Davie, Florida 33324

    Sunday 12pm
    Will be for our out of state folks, food, drinks, tons of eye candy and live music by the ocean. We will be here til late, so no rushing to leave
    401 Biscayne Blvd., R106
    Miami, Florida 33132-1924

    Hotel where everyone is staying at
    La Quinta Inn & Suites
    8101 Peters Rd, Plantation, FL
    (954) 476-6047

    This year will be like last year, bring your own food. There will be two BBQs and please clean after yourselves, if you leave a mess I don't get back my deposit :/

    our facebook page
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    Re: AFM12 official 3Geez invite

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    Re: AFM12 official 3Geez invite

    And here is the favorite part of AFM, awards!!

    *3rd gen overall

    4th gen
    *Best wagon
    *Best sedan
    *Best coupe
    *Best engine bay
    *Best overall 4th gen
    5th gen
    *Best wagon
    *Best sedan
    *Best coupe
    *Best engine bay
    *Best overall 5th gen

    6th gen
    *Best sedan
    *Best coupe
    *Best overall 6th gen

    7th gen
    *Best sedan
    *Best coupe
    *Best overall 7th gen

    8th gen
    *Best sedan
    *Best coupe
    *Best overall 8th gen

    *Furthest driver gets a gas card and award
    *overall non accord

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    Re: AFM12 official 3Geez invite

    Well guys AFM is literally around the corner.We are expecting over 200 accords, So here are a few reminders.
    *The entrance to the park is $1.50 per person, save the receipt just in case you have to leave the park.
    *NO PEELING OFF,NO SPEEDING, NO LOUD MUSIC, NO BEEF. We have always had a great peaceful event and expect to keep it that way. The park can easily kick us out and there goes our event and my deposit. Please dont be that guy to ruin it for everyone
    *There will be food, you must buy a ticket in order to get food.
    *There will be awards handed out at 2pm. If you lose please dont cry, be realistic and check out your competition well before creating drama
    *We will have several raffles by Biggest & Baddest, lanyards from NYCALIVE for the first 20 5th gens accords to arrive and goodies from FatFour customs
    *Furthest driver gets a gas card
    *We want to film a roll out video once we leave. Roll out will be at 4pm.
    *Dinner will be at 6pm at Vila's mexican/cuban cuisine
    *Also please clean up after yourselves, last year after i left the park management called me back to clean up the area. It was the shelter, but the areas where people decided to BBQ. So please clean up
    *Drive safely, don't speed and get reckless and looking forward to seeing all of you again this year. thanks

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    Re: AFM12 official 3Geez invite

    Soounds awesome Felipe

    Wont be able to make it this year.

    Hopefully next year i can bring something a little extra special than the same old thing.

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