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Thread: Polyurethane Suspension Bushing List and Install Tips

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    Polyurethane Suspension Bushing List and Install Tips

    I haven't found a complete list for this and yes I searched. So here it is.

    All of these are Prothane part numbers...

    8907 Front lower control arm, lower shock bushing.

    8210 Front lower control arm, where it connects to the subframe.

    8903 Upper shock bushing, in the top hat. You cannot use the lower shock bushing that comes with this kit, you must use 8907.

    Alternatively you can use the 8904 kit

    8401 Sway bar end links

    If you have the DX or LX you'll have an 18.5mm front sway bar, so you can use the 18mm EF sway bar body bushing which is part number 8-1106 and reuse the metal brackets.

    If you have the LXi or SEi you'll have a 22.5mm sway bar, for this you can use the body sway bar bushing from a newer model Toyota Celica which uses a 22mm sway bar. This kit comes with new brackets and I'll edit this later with the part number.

    8-1201 Front Strut Rod Bushings, this is that bar that bolts to the lower control arm and up to the front of the car under the radiator. If you have bad wheel hop, this is the most likely culprit.

    For the rear:

    Rear upper shock bushing

    It was a pain in the ass to track down. The only one available is from energy suspension, its kit 16.8108. Its for the 96 prelude. Anything for the 97-01 WILL NOT WORK. Trust me I tried. This bushing will also, of course, work with Cheddas Auto rear extended top hats or the original OEM top hats.

    8904 Rear Lower Shock Bushing, use the sleeved bushings, the others can be used in place of 8903 up front.

    This bushing will work fine for someone using EF coilovers or shocks but to use it on any suspension setup designed for the 3gee, you'll need to grind down the sleeve and dowel but the bushing will fit into the hole just fine.

    8312 Stock Rear lower control arms, you MUST leave the original sleeve in place and deburr a rolled lip inside with a burr bit or carbide dremel bit. Information provided by Rendon-LXi

    Image provided by Rendon-LXi

    To get your old bushings out, your best bet would be a press but not everyone has access to one so I drilled out the rubber enough to get a sawzall blade in there to cut the metal sleeve in two places because that sleeve fits in so tightly. Make sure to clean everything really well and grease the new bushings inside and out as well as the bores for the bushings on the arms. Reassembly with the prothane bushings is a breeze.
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