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Thread: What coilovers fit my 89 accord ?

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    What coilovers fit my 89 accord ?

    I want to lower my car & was wondering what coilovers fit. I heard 90-97 accord coilovers fit but I want to make sure

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    Re: What coilovers fit my 89 accord ?

    it all depends on your budget. I will share my experience. for a budget build i would go with Tokico Blues and for springs go with H&R springs. they are around a 1.5 inch drop and it makes the car feel sporty. If you wanted to go with a bit of high end set up you can check mine out. Im running 88-91 civic koni yellow with ground controls and top hats. for me its the best set up for the car and weight but you will end up spending around 1000 dollars no including labor.

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