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Thread: Help with suspension and riding height.

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    Red face Help with suspension and riding height.

    Hi I'm new to this forum, so I excuse myself for any noob posting and grammar issues since english isn't my native language. Looking forward to my time here!

    I recently purchased an 88 Honda Accord Aerodeck, and despite some nasty rost holes it looks and runs well. In Sweden where I live, parts are rare for this generation of accords, and the junkyards don't offer much. Even though it's fun to own a fairly rare car, it can be a hassle as well. Most retailers don't offer much, and the price is often high as well. Tips on parts that fit from other cars are therefore great, I've scanned the performance part list a bit and searched around some to see what other parts could fit my car.

    However, my current issue right now is the riding height. The city I live in have bad roads and a lot of bad speed bumps, I can't avoid getting home without scraping a few times in general. Not much of a stance guy, it looks good the way it is now, but performance and practical use comes first. Especially when I was hoping to use it during the winter as well, without getting stuck in the snow (trust me, there will be snow) My current riding height is about 5 cm or so, splash guards are almost constantly touching the ground. The front springs have been cut, and according to the seller, it's stock spring height in the back (which I doubt). SO i found a store that offered a really good price on 4 H&R Lowering springs 40/40mm, about 115 USD (originally 290 USD). Now, the shocks should be fine since the car hasn't got a lot of mileage, but my concern is that if I put these springs on I will end up with the same riding height or atleast still too low. SO it would be great if anyone had any insight in how much lower the riding height would be with these springs from stock height. Because I want to have enough ground clearance to use this car without being afraid of leaving parts behind. However, a bit of lowering doesn't hurt right?.

    Also if any other ideas are gladly received, however as mention earlier, parts aren't very accessible, and my current economic state is far from the greatest

    4 OEM Springs would cost me around 419 USD which is really pricey atm

    My car:


    Regards from Sweden!

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    Re: Help with suspension and riding height.

    judging by the picture I think your car is much lower than it would be on H&R. H&R are what I have on my car and the ride is good.

    1988 Honda Accord LSDX-I

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    Re: Help with suspension and riding height.

    sprint springs are 2.25 inch drop

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