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Thread: 1985 Accord Strut & springs ?

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    1985 Accord Strut & springs ?

    Replacing old springs, struts & strut mounts, been having a bit of a difficult time finding struts, Are the left and right front the same strut or different part # ? And same for the Rear , I found and purchased all four progressive springs on eBay, also purchased struts & strut mounts on eBay for front, I Have Rear struts ordered from Advance, it's seems in some postings that there is a right front strut and a left front, also is there any other parts I should gather before dropping off at garage ? I would like the Rear to sit an inch or two higher than front when all is done but don't know how to accomplish that either, Thanks any help would be appreciated

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    Re: 1985 Accord Strut & springs ?

    I just purchased a 1983 Accord 4door DX. I am trying to locate new struts and lowering springs. Which springs did you order from eBay? I am looking at the these. Are they the same as the ones you bought? What are your thoughts? Ride height/Ride Quality?

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