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Thread: upgrade front brakes on a 87 dx

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    upgrade front brakes on a 87 dx

    Hey all,
    First time posting so if this has been covered elsewhere please forgive me! I'm somewhat of a newbie but am looking to upgrade my front brakes on a 87 dx. Right now I believe brakes are pretty stock, I'm wondering if it's possible to swap a 2 piston caliper in, or alternatively, if just upgrading the pads and rotors to brembo or something of the like would provide much of an upgrade if any?


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    Re: upgrade front brakes on a 87 dx

    you could start with my Type R brake upgrade I did on my 1988. I had the 10.3" brakes(Lxi).

    If you have the smaller brake rotors upgrade to the Lxi rotors package. I think you will need new steering knuckles but i have never actually done it on an Accord.
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    My Acura Type R front brake thread

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