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Thread: Accord 89 sedan ca5 aircond temperature probs

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    Accord 89 sedan ca5 aircond temperature probs

    Hello 3g's owner,
    i have the accord 89 lx-i sedan a20a1 na,(diy engine)
    the thing is, my aircond is not running cold enough on a 31 - 35*c country.
    I would like to know how can i increase the coldliness in the accord.
    I already tint the car but it still hot and my car is superb.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Accord 89 sedan ca5 aircond temperature probs

    Your car may be a little low on R12 Freon. If it is low it will not cool as well.

    Also you can check and make sure the AC drain hose is clean and water runs out of it while the AC is running.

    Taking apart the AC condenser box under the dash and cleaning the coils and check that all the plastic hoses are attached and not leaking air out.
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