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Thread: Tires for Factory wheels

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    Tires for Factory wheels

    Hi All,

    I purchased a set of 1989 Honda Prelude Alloys, since they were optional on the '89 Accord, and they rank among my favorite Honda wheels of all time. That means that I'm still stuck with the 195/60r14 tire size. Michelin stopped making tires in that size. I need a really good touring tire. I do a lot of Highway driving as my partner lives in Georgia and I still live in Ohio. Something quiet, with good fuel economy, and a high mileage tire would be ideal, and performance of course is a consideration.


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    Re: Tires for Factory wheels

    Might hit up Tire Rack, they have what looks to be about 4 tires in that size on there. All "Grand Touring" tires with pretty similar treadwear and patterns. Personally, I don't think any of them are really a performance tire, so I would just go off of the reviews, and weigh them along with price and warranty.

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