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Thread: Tire and wheel fitment

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    Question Tire and wheel fitment

    Hey guys!

    I have owned many Honda's in the past and even a 89 Accord before when I was back in high school.

    I just picked one up as a project car and in a little dilemma.

    I bought some 8" wide, zero offset, 15" rims and I am looking at tires for them on the cheap as it is a budget project.

    Would 215/60/15's fit?

    I am worried about clearing the control arms.

    The car has some 195/55/15 Integra GSR rims on it at the moment with no issues.

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    Re: Tire and wheel fitment

    i have 195 45 15 on my 15x8 on my accord since i was in germany in the 1990s they r around 200 online

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    Re: Tire and wheel fitment

    205/50/15 is a popular size for that rim.

    Im not sure 0 offset is going to work for you I would test fit one on the car. Most rims I see in that size go +25.
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