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Thread: Wheel/Tire Fitment 87 Sccord LX 4 door.

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    Wheel/Tire Fitment 87 Sccord LX 4 door.

    Hey buddies! I got my first project car going, I got the cash saved up, Iím just not really one for mess ups, so I need as much information as possible before I jump on something. I recently found a great deal on some new NS DIV2 15x9.5 +25mm offset. Will those wheels get in the way of anything? I know they will poke a bit, Iím just worried of fenders rubbing, and not having enough back spacing as I am buying them online and canít tell by putting one on my car and turning the wheel. Any info helps fellas! I read the Important wheel forum, but too many numbers and calculations made me give up lol. Also if youíre interested, give me a follow on my Instagram, @87accordlx

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    Re: Wheels/Tire fitment 87 Accord LX 4Door Auto

    Well I tried a +35 on a 9" rim and there is not way. Im not even sure at 0 offset it would work.
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