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Thread: WTB Hood, Rear Bumper Bar, Other Bits

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    WTB Hood, Rear Bumper Bar, Other Bits

    Just picked up an '89 EX-i sedan that's crash-damaged in the front and rusted in the back. Looking for any of the following to get it back in decent shape:

    -(PENDING)Rear bumper reinforcement bar
    -(FOUND) Hood + grille/hinges
    -(FOUND) Rad support centre bar

    Less importantly:
    -Outer taillights (both sides)
    -(PENDING)Front bumper mounted turn signals (both)
    -(PENDING)Sunroof glass panel
    -(PENDING)OE PGM-FI intake plumbing (came with a K&N CAI and I don't want it)
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    Re: WTB Hood, Rear Bumper Bar, Other Bits

    Im far away but I have a hood, the rad support bar, the turn signals, and the air intake system

    If interested, send me a PM


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    Re: WTB Hood, Rear Bumper Bar, Other Bits

    i have the rear bumper reinforcement bar but its pretty heavy and might cost a arm and a leg to ship lol i am in south carolina

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