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Thread: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

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    In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    Well all I can say is I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

    The story in short is my manual transmission exploded at 156,000 miles after putting on only 7000 in the last 7-8 months. I don't think this was my fault, but I was under the impression that these power plants and accessories can survive for 300,000. Anyway the car is a 1987 Honda accord Aerodeck with the A20A4. I bloody love the car and its charm so i don't really want this to be an excuse for a b20 swap so i'm just putting it out there that I am in search of a 5 spd manual transmission that will fit and last me a bit longer . This is the first time I have posted anything, so I hope it wont be the last depending on whether I find a gearbox.

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    Re: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    I sent you a PM. Honestly I won't be surprised if you decide not to go for it since it's $1100 shipped from me here on the other side of the USA.

    Have you tried sourcing one from around you? I know they sold quite a few of these in Western Europe?
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    Re: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    Im hunting one myself they are not that easy to find here stateside.
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    Re: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    They're getting scarce. I had a hard time finding mine several years ago. Have you guys tried yet?

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    Re: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    A2Q5 and A2K5 transmissions are all that fit. One is the family sedan long gears. Other is from a Prelude SI with very short gears. The SI trans is awesome until you drive on the interstate. 4K RPMs in fifth gear @70mph does suck.

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    Re: In Desperate need of a A20A4 compatible transmission

    86-87 DX & LX....A2Q6
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    89 DX & LX.........E2R6
    86-87 LXi...........A2Q5
    88 LXi................E2Q5
    89 LXi................E2R5

    all these will work ....

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