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Thread: looking for coupe parts

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    Cool looking for coupe parts

    I'm new here i recently got my 89 coupe back at the end of September and am looking for a few things. Tan rear door cards mine are sun baked on the top, and a passenger side reverse light the back of the housing your supposed to screw into is broken so i had to tape it in place. I'm also looking for 3 other things the car is wired for factory fog lights but i don't have the actually lights or the dead panel to fill the hole.The last thing i haven't been able to track down is the jdm import edition steering wheel badge.

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    looking for coupe parts
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    Re: looking for coupe parts

    You might have better luck taking the door cards into an upholstery shop and having them redone that. Those pieces are getting pretty old by now. The passenger light can probably be repaired with epoxy, though I don't know what your damage looks like. Good luck with the rest.

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